Friday Finds: Free Printable from the Idea Room & Summer Fresh Bean Salad Recipe

Summer is in the air here in Ottawa today and my C and I got to celebrate the sunshine and warmth with Purple Eggplant Mel’s kiddos.


And I am lucky enough to take full advantage of this sun by spending the evening outside tonight at a BBQ.   Something about having snow for so many months of the year that makes days like this that much sweeter.

I was in need of a pot luck item and a hostess gift and thought, hey, this would make a great Friday Find !

Before summer BBQs and parties get into full swing, we have a brilliant idea from the Idea Room to share with you…and a Summer Fresh Bean Salad recipe of our own!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I see all these super wicked hostess gifts on Pinterest, but never get around to actually making one. This is one that will be your go to – or at least it will be mine this summer ! So simple, adorable and brilliant ! You need only 5 supplies and it comes with a free printable. Check out the Homemade Lemonade printable and summer hostess gift from the Idea Room here.

It comes together so nicely ! Hmmmm…But I think I need to pick up some yellow chevron ribbon !  I always feel a sense of fulfillment when I actually put my pins to use!

lemonade kit assembled

I was lucky enough 2 summers ago to taste the yummiest summer salad prepared by Purple Eggplant Mel.

Have a look…

salad close up

Delish right?

Pulling together these simple, seasonal and fresh ingredients will make you the hit of any backyard summer party. And your body will thank you too ! We at Purple Eggplant are thinking more and more about eating healthy and whole foods, and this fits right in.

What you need:

1/2 red pepper chopped
1/2 yellow pepper chopped
1/2 orange pepper chopped
1/2 cup of chopped cilantro
2 fresh limes squeezed
1 cup of mangos diced
1 1/2 cup of black beans
1 avacado diced
salt and pepper to taste

mix it all together and you have the perfect summer salad !


{ do they make cute portable salad bowls? all I have is this plain one. If you know where I can find one, I would love to know ! }

Do you have a go to hostess gift, or a favored pot luck item ? We’d love to hear about them !


Cookies IN a Cupcake – say what!?

i recently discovered this gem of a recipe while having my daily pinterest fix. have i disclosed my addiction yet? if not, “hi im jay and i am supremely addicted to Pinterest“. the recipe was posted by Picky Palette and is delcious (lots of creative and yummy recipes over there!)  i’m into cupcakes lately – mostly because i have this new icing set that i like to play with !

because this recipe is so yummy, i have been asked to make these again, and again, and again. but i’m a busy momma and dont have time to whip up cupcakes and cookie batter and icing upon request! now, what drew me to this recipe in the first place is that the first recipe ingredient was a box of yellow cake mix – already making this a super easy recipe. but get this, i have adapted this recipe to make it even speedier.

your ingredients:

  1. follow the recipe for cupcakes found here
  2. pillsbury cookie dough (just open the pack and stuff a tbsp in !)
  3. duncan hines chocolate or cream cheese frosting (spoon into piping bag and your ready to go)

it’s that easy.



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