Friday Finds: Camera Coats…& a Promo Code!

I am a picture-o-holic.  Really.  I take thousands of pictures.  This started when I was a little girl and has never stopped.    I always had a camera with me and was always capturing moments.  My grandfather used to tease me that I would never be able to afford life because I was always paying to have my pictures developed!

A couple of years ago I took the plunge and moved beyond a point and shoot camera and purchased a DSLR camera.  I purchased a backpack bag and was set….except the backpack bag was an additional bag that I needed to take with me or I would have to throw my camera into my purse or children’s bag – and after waiting my whole life for my DSLR, I was not about to risk scratching or damaging it!  So I set about searching for a smaller camera bag – even contemplated making making my own – and then I found Camera Coats!  I saw the ‘Jane Eyre‘ and had to have it!  But they were sold out!  So I haunted the camera coats website almost daily to see their products.  When the ‘Ti Amo‘ came out I  I did not hesitate – thank goodness because it sold out FAST!

The Camera Coat is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Ever.  It has allowed me to take my camera with me everywhere.  I can fit it in any bag without worry, I can sling it over my shoulder and it is protected and looks lovely.  Two years ago for Jay’s birthday, Mel and I decided to purchase one for her. We bought her a grey chevron with yellow shabby flowers.

We both have our camera coats with our cameras all the time – so we can take our cameras with us anytime.
camera coat
I know I would like to purchase another – a waterproof one this time – maybe the Glimmer of Paris with matching strap or the touch of glitter with matching strap?
Here’s a promo code for you to get $10 off their shipping price…that will make it $8 to ship to Canada! 
Code: PurpleShip  Expires: June 30, 2013.Not good with any other codes/offers.


Friday Finds: Annabell & Louise

Whenever I open the mail box and there is something that isn’t a bill, I am a happy girl !

I am certain this is a driving force behind my online shopping ! Today, I would love to share my exciting recent mail box treat with you.


Have you heard of Annabell & Louise? I hadn’t until I spotted this super sweet camera ring on Groopdealz !  Ever since having my C, I have developed a true passion for capturing moments. I feel time passing so much faster than before that I don’t want them to slip away. So much so that floor to ceiling frame collages are filling our home, and I am seriously almost out of wall space.  When I spotted this ring, I knew I had to have it !


It’s almost as though Annabell & Louise read the Purple Eggplant’s minds ! Not long after the vintage camera ring was posted a gorgeous antique bronze scissors bobby pin followed ! In case you are new here {welcome!}, Purple Eggplant Mel is beginning a journey into hair design – this scissors line couldn’t be more perfect !

You know some products just make you smile? Annabell & Louise creations do that for me.

They’re products are gorgeous, affordable and have reasonable shipping to Canada {sometimes a challenge to find!}. Pop on over to Annabell & Louise’s etsy shop {sale happening now!} and find your own joy as you take a look through the classy & modern jewellery available ! Use promo code 31stbirthday and save 31% until May 1st !