The Purple Eggplant

After years of considering it; discussions about doing it; and an evening of talk about it again and how it could be done – welcome to the Purple Eggplant blog.  I woke up this morning and had a revelation – purple eggplants can represent many things and have different meanings depending on who you are and in what context you see them.  After an evening of crafting, food, conversation and camaraderie I remember how much I love and appreciate how easy it is to spend time with two wonderful women.  We can laugh, cry, debate, tell it like it is, we help each other create – ourselves, our lives, and memories – and despite being in different places in our journey there is a random connection that continues to keep us in each others lives…. just like the randomness of the purple eggplant.  To my wonderful purple eggplant friends Jay & Mel – thank you for sharing this with me.  I believe in this adventure!

And so it begins…..