Naptime DIY: Wooden Chevron Painted Letters



The space above the playroom shelves has always baffled me. I have tried clipboards for artwork, wall talk, frames, plants, clock. And nothing has felt “right”.

I’d had my eye on these wooden letters at our local craft store, and when they went on clearance at the end of last week, I knew this was my chance.¬†You should have seen me in the aisle trying to spell words with the letters that were left available!

be awesome

Finally thrilled with being able to spell “be awesome” {Inspired by Little Miss Momma’s Be Awesome Today sign by Barn Owl Primitives, I loaded the letters into my cart {and put the many other letters back in their homes awaiting the next nap time crafter}. In the end I had to settle with 2 letters from an all white set but I think it works for the first letter if each word.

Using green painters tape, white craft paint and a roller, I got to “chevron-ing” the wooden letters. They have these neat peel off sticky strips that I used to affix the letters to the wall. Naptime crafting with minutes to spare!



What I love about the placement of this statement is that its our first view as we leave our bedrooms to start out day.

Be awesome? Sure, I think I will.

What positive statements get you through your day?








Friday Finds: Laura Lee Photography

Laura Lee

This Friday we are thrilled to introduce you to Laura Rupert-Doane who is the brilliant photographer and owner of Laura Lee Photography. Not only do we love Laura’s photos, we love HER..her genuine passion, humbleness, humor and uplifting spirit. {Mel & Jay were fortunate to have spend thier college years with her, laughing all the way!} When we asked Laura if it would be ok to showcase her company and work on Purple Eggplant, she responded with the excitement and response only she could come up with. It was only best that we turn the keyboard over to her and invite her to introduce herself to you!

So Purple Eggplant readers, meet Laura!


A wise woman once told me to do something I loved as my career, because if I did, it would never feel like work and I would succeed tremendously because it was my PASSION!

She was right!

In every photoshoot, my clients and I always have so much fun, whether it be a family shoot, a boudoir or a newborn shoot. We create memories and I capture them for my clients to hold onto for the rest of their lives and to pass down to future generations.

wont go away


When I do a boudoir, my main goal is to make the woman LOVE herself again! I’ve come to realize that not all women love themselves as they should, and so two years ago, I set a goal to change that. I want women to embrace themselves JUST as they are! And so, I work with their BEST assets to make them look their best!! The greatest compliments are when I get an email from the woman’s husband thanking me for giving their wife that confidence back and a re-newed spark in their relationship and/or when a woman says that she’s never liked a photo of herself….. till now. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED I say!

wont go away


Another one of my favorite shoots to do is newborns. I feel it is hugely important to capture this time in one’s life. If you have children already, you know how fast they grow! Embrace this time, and capture it for the long term so that not only you can enjoy the wonder you created, but THEY’LL enjoy it when they have kids and grandkids of their own. I personally think, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and to your child. One day, they’ll appreciate it….trust me on this!

wont go away

wont go away


This also makes an excellent gift for someone who is expecting! I create personal gift certificates in a picture frame so that when mommy-to-be opens the gift, she’ll have a beautiful picture frame ready to house a gorgeous photograph of her new bundle of joy! I even gift wrap it too….easy peezy lemon squeezy! {here’s our own Purple Eggplant Mel while awaiting Baby Smiles}

Whether it be a boudoir, family or newborn shoot, capturing your today is important….after all, today’s photo is tomorrow’s history….and what better legacy to leave behind to your loved ones than photos that tell YOUR story!

To see more of my work, please visit my website at, join me on Facebook or send me a message at


I’d also like to thank Purple Eggplant for thinking of me and wanting to blog about my passion and my service as a photographer!