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3 Canadian gals sharing our moments in the nations capital !


hi everyone!  my name is Andie.  i wear a number of hats that i juggle – sometimes trying to wear too many at once!  i am a mama to two children – my beautiful Chick and my Bubba Ducky McGoo.  i have always wanted to be a mother and i am mindful of how quickly my children are growing up and i try to embrace moments every chance i get in this busy life.  i take pictures – lots of them – maybe too many based on the amount of negatives, photo albums and hard drives that contain them.  i am a bit of shopaholic for deal items that bring me joy –  or help me create a home that speaks of love.  i am a Child & Youth Worker and genuinely enjoy children of every age with a giant soft spot for babies.  i work outside of the home and from home  – teaching Child and Youth Worker students with hopes that they will be inspired to take one thing from the lessons i present and use it in their practice, i also learn so much from them every semester and love that they challenge me to broaden my perspectives.  I find balancing and creating boundaries between home and work tough and am always working on this. my son has a health issue that has helped to remind me and my husband about the important things in life – like the little things in life are really the big things and that loved ones are the focus – it has also led to some serious sleep deprivation for me over the past 6 years and when i feel crazy it is often because i am tired and i have to remind myself to be gentle on myself and with others.  i enjoy crafting – it is a time that i find myself able to focus on the present moment when i am creating something.  i am excited about this journey i have embarked upon with two women who share similar passions and accept me for me.  i hope you find something from our posts that inspire you – to create, to do, to laugh or to embrace a moment.

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so happy you are here! i’m jay. i am a work from home momma, teaching future Child & Youth Workers, working daily to maintain balance and joy while raising my toddler girlie. i have an insane need to go to home decor stores often (like too often) and am on the constant look out for deals that will make my home feel comfortable and welcoming. i am a passionate Child & Youth Worker taking time off front frontline work to raise my kiddo. i am lucky to have a partner who accepts me for me and is the best father for our little C. i am a Food Network and reality tv junkie. i believe that moments are meant to be captured, and am usually never without my camera. i am beyond blessed with friendships. i have run out of wall space and am always looking for creative ways to display more memories. i know that being able to laugh at myself is crucial, and happily do this regularly. the freedom to create is central to my well being. i believe that without question kiddos – all kiddos – should be loved with every ounce of everything…but i do not deny they can be crazy making ! accessories are usually the pick me up i need. my mom is my hero. loving & giving & sharing is critical to my happiness. i am thrilled to be on this bloggy adventure with 2 of the best women i know. I hope in being here, you laugh, you feel human, you learn something about yourself.

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I am happy you’ve found us!

I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mom of Smiles and Sparkles. I work for a nonprofit organization and am finding fun in learning how to become a super star hairstylist as my mentor owner of LemarLuxe.

I’d like to be less stressed, have more balance and love more. I love to laugh, be silly but often don’t create enough time to do so. I like to be helpful and positive…My hope for this bloggy is to be both positive and helpful.

I get caught up in Jay’s t.v. reality junkiness and become sucked in! I too believe that memories should be captured, but I leave the capturing up to Jay (I NEVER remember my camera…yes even when I have an i phone that I have no more space on and need to clean that up) Probably the least techy of the three of us! I like routine and find reminders in our world how routine isn’t everything 😉

When I create, I feel more joy-filled and always in the presence of these 2 friends I am inspired and totally at ease. I am working on following through in LIFE and I hope our page does that as much for me/us but also for you! Looking forward to seeing what we can all accomplish!

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