DIY monogram art canvas for toddler room … Or any room !

i have become in love with collage walls and they have begun to appear everywhere around my house !

displaying memories has always been important to me. when we moved in to our home and had a stair well with wasted walls, i got to framing and hammering ! i then was inspired by funky montages on Pinterest that i moved on to the playroom…and i basically have no wall space anymore !

well…except a thin wall in my C’s room ! so i decided a while ago to create one for her and continue to add to it as i see special items that are uniquely her.

here is a simple and frugal way to showcase your kiddos special first letter in 3 simple steps with 5 supplies.

all you need is:

  • 5×7 artists canvas (or bigger depending on your wall space)
  • wooden letter (i found a white one but you could get as creative as you want with this)
  • favorite (or leftover) fabric
  • staple gun
  • glue gun

and this is what you do:

  1. eyeball your fabric and cut it so you have enough to pull it around and staple to the back
  2. get to staplin’
  3. using hot glue, stick your letter to the fabric

thats it !

…and for under $5, you have a piece of art created by you that looks poretty neat too !

a great addition to and existing wall collage or even cute on its own

[You are my sunshine printable from Dimple Prints]

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DIY Art Display

My kiddo just moved into a big girl bed (more about this and how i’ve grown a third ear in a later post) and when we set her new room up there was a blank space on the wall that I could not think of how to fill.

  • wall decal check! check! and check !
  • frame montage check !
  • wall quote check !
  • hair bow holder check !
  • family and friend photos check !

I couldn’t think of what might add to the space but not overload duplicate what was already there.


Then creative magic happened!

I was at a local arts and crafts store and they had a giant sale. So much on sale for .50 !  well i suppose everything is relative isn’t it ! For me, everything I mean there was lace crochet doilies, giant clothespins, wooden plaques…I felt an idea coming on and was excited about it.

An art display area for my kiddo was just what her room needed !

diy art display

Are you ever inspired by super steals you see when you are out and about ?