Friday Finds: Camera Coats…& a Promo Code!

I am a picture-o-holic.  Really.  I take thousands of pictures.  This started when I was a little girl and has never stopped.    I always had a camera with me and was always capturing moments.  My grandfather used to tease me that I would never be able to afford life because I was always paying to have my pictures developed!

A couple of years ago I took the plunge and moved beyond a point and shoot camera and purchased a DSLR camera.  I purchased a backpack bag and was set….except the backpack bag was an additional bag that I needed to take with me or I would have to throw my camera into my purse or children’s bag – and after waiting my whole life for my DSLR, I was not about to risk scratching or damaging it!  So I set about searching for a smaller camera bag – even contemplated making making my own – and then I found Camera Coats!  I saw the ‘Jane Eyre‘ and had to have it!  But they were sold out!  So I haunted the camera coats website almost daily to see their products.  When the ‘Ti Amo‘ came out I  I did not hesitate – thank goodness because it sold out FAST!

The Camera Coat is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Ever.  It has allowed me to take my camera with me everywhere.  I can fit it in any bag without worry, I can sling it over my shoulder and it is protected and looks lovely.  Two years ago for Jay’s birthday, Mel and I decided to purchase one for her. We bought her a grey chevron with yellow shabby flowers.

We both have our camera coats with our cameras all the time – so we can take our cameras with us anytime.
camera coat
I know I would like to purchase another – a waterproof one this time – maybe the Glimmer of Paris with matching strap or the touch of glitter with matching strap?
Here’s a promo code for you to get $10 off their shipping price…that will make it $8 to ship to Canada! 
Code: PurpleShip  Expires: June 30, 2013.Not good with any other codes/offers.


We’ve been enjoying this gorgeous dose of sunshine !

Hope it is sunny and wonderful where you are !

We sure are lucking out here in Ottawa ~ so much that we’ve been away from our laptops and our Purple Eggplant friends.

summer so far

Today marks the day of back at it for me, with my own course starting, the courses I teach kicking off, and my C’s 3rd birthday to plan ! {look out for some posts in the coming weeks about the party planning!}

Well, now at least I can look outside at the beautiful sunshine as I type on my new Kelly Rae Roberts covered laptop !


{Hey, have you heard of Kelly Rae Roberts? She is an amazing artist and soul. Gorgeous products, mostly available in the US, but I have managed to discover some finds in Canada through the Village Shop yipeeee!!!}


Friday Finds: Designs By Kerry

have you heard of Designs by Kerry ? if not, prepared to be excited when you visit her site ! if there is a special kiddo in your life whose childhood you want to be able to freeze frame for just a moment, you will want to check this out !

i lucked out to have been introduced to Kerry’s gorgeous work about 2 years ago by fellow Purple Eggplant, Mel. what’s so very special about this jewlery is that Kerry captures your child’s finger print and turns it into a beautiful silver pendant.

IMG_7939Kerry can create a single oval pendant, a heart pendant out of 2 fingerprints, or custom men’s dog tag type pendants using Art Clay Silver.

childhood forever captured.

what’s even cooler about Designs by Kerry, is that this is a home based business whicj means kerry is able to stay home with her own kiddos …while capturing memories for the rest of us !

gotta love supporting other mommas.

if you are local to Ottawa or surrounding areas { or making a trip here }, this is a definite mommas day wish list item ! i was lucky enough when’s C’s daddy bought me a pendant for my birthday. and amazingly, he was able to secretly pull off two trips to Kerry’s home ! it still stands out in my memory how C’s daddy was amazed at how “nice” she was.

having a pendant made involves 2 trips, but only one is needed with the kiddo. one trip for the clay impression and then once more to pick up the masterpiece after Kerry has shaped, sanded, fired, and polished the 99.9% pure silver fingerprint pendant !

on memy C thinks its very cool that its her finger print – a much smaller one – that i wear almost everyday around my neck. and that is also what is wonderful about this – it makes perfect everyday wear.

{ Designs by Kerry also creates sterling and natural stone earrings, bracelets and necklaces. full price list can be found on her site. We would love if you would let her know Purple Eggplant sent you over ! }

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