bonus perks of being a momma

I always heard before having a kiddo of my own, that having a child opens your heart up to a whole new level. and it sure does.  x100000.  And I was also amazed at the support received from others mommas. These new friendships I have made or nurtured through having my own kiddo fill up my heart that much more.

{on that note, have you heard of Frugal Mommy?  Worth a click! A community of mommas who want to share their kiddo/baby items with other parents for FREE ! Now with classifieds in 14 Canadian communities and much more on the site. Another perk of being a momma !}

Along with the extra big heart we have developed, the other 2/3 of Purple Eggplant and I have discovered a few bonus perks of being a momma:

1.singing childhood songs and swinging with abandon at the park and not looking like you are in crazy land !

2. getting to eat all the leftover ice cream desserts that the kiddos don’t finish {if you live in Ottawa and have yet to go to Stella Luna, they make super wicked from scratch gelato !}

c icecream

3. when running around crazy on errands in the short window granted by kiddos visit with grandparents and hunger strikes, I can always count on a bag of pretzel fish in my purse !

4. now being able to buy those signs that absolve me from any blame for the disastrous state of our home.


{ free fun kitchen printables from Over the Moon.Super stuff over there that’s for sure ! }

5. being able to stop for frequent bathroom trips and have an excuse !

6. even when lip gloss is forgotten at home….or in one the other different 10 bags I carry around…I can always count on princess lip gloss to be close at hand ! {my C must have all 6 with her at all times and that I must keep track of to avoid an epic tantrum !}

photo (3)

What momma or daddy perks have you discovered??

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