Wholesome, Green Beginnings

Unlike the other 2/3 of PurpleEggplant, I live in the country.  Just outside of Ottawa, a 45 min drive to get to my Eggies.  I grew up in the country where my own momma taught me lessons I didnt even know were lessons.  Now so important to me, this slow realization that I already know ‘how to’ backyard garden and compost!

I really must tell you how very excited and inspired I am to get our new composter and garden growing.  I feel a bit embarrassed about how excited I am but… truly I am excited!  Its the little things that make you happy…right…

Last February we moved and last year we grew grass {boring} and got comfortable in our new neighbourhood.  But this year, we I have been planning, planning, planning.

Over time I have come to realize the important lessons my mother taught me about food and growing it.  A few years back I became aware that my own habit were unhealthy and actually my body was screamin’ at me to STOP!  And so the journey had begun for a healthier me.   I found Tosca Reno’s first book, The Eat Clean Diet and this helped me to get started.  Have you heard of it? If not, check it out here.  I am not where I want to be {in terms of my health and fitness} but I often remind myself that its a process and one day I will achieve it.

This new season has brought me a renewed sense of want for well being and a  home made tumbling compost and garden are my first priority.  I am eager to get my two kids Smiles and Sparkles as involved in this process as possible.

Smiles and 'worm'

{Smiles and his ‘worm’ }

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Friday Finds: Annabell & Louise

Whenever I open the mail box and there is something that isn’t a bill, I am a happy girl !

I am certain this is a driving force behind my online shopping ! Today, I would love to share my exciting recent mail box treat with you.


Have you heard of Annabell & Louise? I hadn’t until I spotted this super sweet camera ring on Groopdealz !  Ever since having my C, I have developed a true passion for capturing moments. I feel time passing so much faster than before that I don’t want them to slip away. So much so that floor to ceiling frame collages are filling our home, and I am seriously almost out of wall space.  When I spotted this ring, I knew I had to have it !


It’s almost as though Annabell & Louise read the Purple Eggplant’s minds ! Not long after the vintage camera ring was posted a gorgeous antique bronze scissors bobby pin followed ! In case you are new here {welcome!}, Purple Eggplant Mel is beginning a journey into hair design – this scissors line couldn’t be more perfect !

You know some products just make you smile? Annabell & Louise creations do that for me.

They’re products are gorgeous, affordable and have reasonable shipping to Canada {sometimes a challenge to find!}. Pop on over to Annabell & Louise’s etsy shop {sale happening now!} and find your own joy as you take a look through the classy & modern jewellery available ! Use promo code 31stbirthday and save 31% until May 1st !


bonus perks of being a momma

I always heard before having a kiddo of my own, that having a child opens your heart up to a whole new level. and it sure does.  x100000.  And I was also amazed at the support received from others mommas. These new friendships I have made or nurtured through having my own kiddo fill up my heart that much more.

{on that note, have you heard of Frugal Mommy?  Worth a click! A community of mommas who want to share their kiddo/baby items with other parents for FREE ! Now with classifieds in 14 Canadian communities and much more on the site. Another perk of being a momma !}

Along with the extra big heart we have developed, the other 2/3 of Purple Eggplant and I have discovered a few bonus perks of being a momma:

1.singing childhood songs and swinging with abandon at the park and not looking like you are in crazy land !

2. getting to eat all the leftover ice cream desserts that the kiddos don’t finish {if you live in Ottawa and have yet to go to Stella Luna, they make super wicked from scratch gelato !}

c icecream

3. when running around crazy on errands in the short window granted by kiddos visit with grandparents and hunger strikes, I can always count on a bag of pretzel fish in my purse !

4. now being able to buy those signs that absolve me from any blame for the disastrous state of our home.


{ free fun kitchen printables from Over the Moon.Super stuff over there that’s for sure ! }

5. being able to stop for frequent bathroom trips and have an excuse !

6. even when lip gloss is forgotten at home….or in one the other different 10 bags I carry around…I can always count on princess lip gloss to be close at hand ! {my C must have all 6 with her at all times and that I must keep track of to avoid an epic tantrum !}

photo (3)

What momma or daddy perks have you discovered??

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The Mom I Want to Be….

ten years ago while I was expecting my first child i had all these expectations (i guess that why they call it expecting).  expectations of my life, of myself, of my child.  and then i gave birth….and that is when the beginning of all my expectations of what life would be like began to evaporate and the reality of being a mother began to set in.  my birth did not go as expected but holding that little person in my arms i realized it did not matter – i would be the person she needed me to be so she could grow up feeling safe and loved and happy.  and so that has continued….motherhood challenges me in every way.  i have often thought to myself as the illusion i had of myself as a mother vanishes – my children need me to be the mom that they need.  and that is the mom i want to be.  so everyday i practice motherhood.  some days i get it right, some days i don’t, and i keep practicing….

if you stumble


Crazyland + Motherhood a Perfect Imbalance

I’m almost 100% sure most mommas can relate

Kitchen House is a disaster like this


No supper made, you worked hard all day, emails, texts, phone calls, FB messages, school agenda to check, angels to kiss and hug – all demands for your time.

I have the best of intentions to get ‘it’ all done – all wrapped up in a pretty little bow and then to enjoy life…The beginning of 2013 had this momma striving to find balance at home. I tried not to care that the floors were sticky and the dirt in the mudroom was ‘okay’ and that I’d get to the piles of laundry…I was running and feeling like – why can’t I just get it all done?!

FFWD to April 2013 and I am trying to shed the land of crazy making and finding peace in the imbalance that is life. Maybe because when I reach out to my fellow Eggies they too have this


and this

and when I do reach out they feel the same way and I feel less like a failure. If I can find peace in the ‘imbalance’ then perhaps it will create more balance?

Pause – Take Stock – Evaluate – whats MY important

Life may not be balanced everyday, but its LIVING in the beauty of the imbalance.

Over at More than Sayings this free printable is my reminder.

I’m curious…what do you do that reminds you of the important things?


one of my favorite quotes & a free printable

do you read Jodi Picoult’s books? her books are the only one’s i will pay full hard cover price for ! aaaaaaa-mazing reads!

ever since My Sisters Keeper, i have been a devout follower. i realized i had been missing out on years of her books, but caught myself up…fast ! definite page turners about characters experiencing real life issues.

my favorite quote comes from her book, Picture Perfect. i remember reading this passage years ago and it stood out so much i wrote it down. it was at a time in my own life where i finally got it right…and never turned back.

and you

{ printable created with moroccan tile paper freebie from Mel Stampz …loads of great digital paper on her site! }



Friday Finds: Designs By Kerry

have you heard of Designs by Kerry ? if not, prepared to be excited when you visit her site ! if there is a special kiddo in your life whose childhood you want to be able to freeze frame for just a moment, you will want to check this out !

i lucked out to have been introduced to Kerry’s gorgeous work about 2 years ago by fellow Purple Eggplant, Mel. what’s so very special about this jewlery is that Kerry captures your child’s finger print and turns it into a beautiful silver pendant.

IMG_7939Kerry can create a single oval pendant, a heart pendant out of 2 fingerprints, or custom men’s dog tag type pendants using Art Clay Silver.

childhood forever captured.

what’s even cooler about Designs by Kerry, is that this is a home based business whicj means kerry is able to stay home with her own kiddos …while capturing memories for the rest of us !

gotta love supporting other mommas.

if you are local to Ottawa or surrounding areas { or making a trip here }, this is a definite mommas day wish list item ! i was lucky enough when’s C’s daddy bought me a pendant for my birthday. and amazingly, he was able to secretly pull off two trips to Kerry’s home ! it still stands out in my memory how C’s daddy was amazed at how “nice” she was.

having a pendant made involves 2 trips, but only one is needed with the kiddo. one trip for the clay impression and then once more to pick up the masterpiece after Kerry has shaped, sanded, fired, and polished the 99.9% pure silver fingerprint pendant !

on memy C thinks its very cool that its her finger print – a much smaller one – that i wear almost everyday around my neck. and that is also what is wonderful about this – it makes perfect everyday wear.

{ Designs by Kerry also creates sterling and natural stone earrings, bracelets and necklaces. full price list can be found on her site. We would love if you would let her know Purple Eggplant sent you over ! }

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Hello World

What are you saying hello to this week? We’ve kept busy and are excited to share our first Purple Eggplant collaborative post!

{ Purple Eggplant is linking up this week with Lisa Leonard‘s Hello Monday post …not only is this a wicked inspirational blog, but a great shoppe too }

jays hello

hello late evening sun of spring and after dinner walks

hello bright new walls…so long red

a bittersweet hello to C’s big girl bed { you can find the headbaord tutorial here }

hello garden centre…oh how i’ve missed you

hello new “did it myself” jewels

hello books…i’ve missed you more than the garden centre ! we have 3 weeks together before the next term begins. { any book suggestions? would love to hear them in the comments ! }


mels hello

Hello to a new hair adventures

Hello to my new yellow slickers that I will fit into my style because they are way too cool (and the rain..so I can wear them)

and most importantly, Hello to happy hugs!


andies hello

Hello funny invention that lets hand puppet shows happen  

Hello morning routine being done early

Hello bittersweet last day of classes  

Hello special surprise gift

Hello to wearing my new necklace  

So long classroom… Until we meet again

Hello to a bright hopeful ending to a very long bittersweet day  

Hello to evening routine singing and random water drop fishes  

Hello to love  

Good night Tuesday


DIY No Sew Pillow

never doubt the power of a beauty tablecloth i say!

not long ago, i upholstered my kiddos headboard with a funky table cloth i found. i had some left over fabric laying around and remembered a Pinterest crafting eve the Purple Eggplants had back in January where we created no sew pillows, with some felt and a glue gun. we were not blogging back then so didn’t capture any fancy photos of all of our creations, but here is one of them.

312403_10152673774560107_78233220_nAndie found this super inspiring tutorial from the Crafting Chicks and created a gorgeous purple felt flower pillow that had no sewing that Mel and i were oggling over. with Andie’s guidance on our “Pinterest-ing Eve” we all left happy with our new fancy and simple pillow creations !

{our goal is to have monthly creating sessions, and we are keeping track of our “must crafts” on our shared Pinterest board. any cool crafting ideas you’ve found? please share them with us in the comments section !}

with the leftover headboard tablecloth fabric, i duplicated the yellow felt flower pillow. super simple. i was a bit worried about hot gluing the fabric, but so long as you fold in the open edges and place a line of hot glue between them, it works just as well as the felt did !

a headboard and pillow with a $14.99 table cloth. i say that’s one sweet deal !

fabric and felt

i am also digging the felt on fabric look too. so much that i found a funky body pillow pillowcase that i think will make some pretty cool looking pillow covers once i am through with it !


the 3 of us got together to blog chat the other eve and had to of course integrate some crafting ! here is a sneak peak ~ stay tuned for some of our jewlery creations !