choose your own ending…DIY blunder



sitting with my girlie this morning to do some crafting and part prep. anyone notice what’s wrong about my Pinterest inspired carrot napkin wraps ??

do i:

a) cry and throw everything out and cancel the party

b) get the kiddo dressed and rush out to the dollar store to fix this asap

c) keep trucking along and have a good laugh at myself

while all 3 crossed my mind, especially b !, guests will be enjoying backwards carrots at our lil bunnies party this weekend and i will be smiling inside at my beautiful imperfection.

do you ever blunder DIYs ? how do you handle it ?


getting ready for the Easter bunny



having fun around here making bunny day preparations.

a fast and easy DIY garland can be made using paint chips ! if you are super handy with scissors (i’m not) you could cut all sorts of Easter shapes – or better yet use a paper punch … i keep meaning to pick up some of those…

especially excited for my little bunnies party this weekend – stay tuned for other DIYs and party details !

i call it determined


anyone else experience the need to “do” right when inspiration strikes ?

came home with this chevron paper lantern to my girly’s ceiling assortment and couldn’t wait til her daddy got home with his big ladder and tools.

for blog

please tell me i am not the only one who thinks that in a pinch, pillows add the perfect amount of extra height and my girly’s hammer will do !

forgive the grainy photo – i don’t believe in proper tools today so grabbed the elmo camera close at hand !


Tomorrow is another day

Here’s a get-to-know-me-jump-feet-first-in-rant!

You know the time when your HOT – like so hot because you have on your winter coat, and your trying to coax a 2 year old boy with new found independence out of the bookstore filled with beautifully attractive, fun, playthings among books? Like the HOT feeling – that your frustration level is rising and you cant stop it from bubblin over…but oh ya but wait…you are in PUBLIC… ya that feeling!


I love my kids, as any other parent of a 2 and 4 year old would. I don’t gush over the oh-how-wonderful-this-job-of-parenting-is. I even sometimes think – “F!%K, I am not cut out for this” Yes, me…the Child and Youth Worker extraordinaire- whose worked with developmentally delayed youth, street youth, mental health patients…blah, blah, blah- yes it is the hardest job in the world.

And today I coulda ripped the lady in the bookstores head off…

“why yes, I know my two year old has kicked off his boots and is in his socks running through the aisles – thanks for letting me know you wouldnt want your child on the oh so dirty floor. why yes I know he is running towards the glassware and fragile Easter bunny that caught his eye while were were headed to the back of the store to ‘play’ – thanks!”

What about can I help you?

Get me outta here!

I know why these things happen and even that they happen to most of us – I’d like to say IT SUCKS! The best thing one I/we can do is talk about it and get support! Where would I be with out my texts to my affectionately named wifey of OMGyouwillneverguesswhatjusthappend! A wifey…yup a wifey (will tell you in a later post about wifey!)

Chin up mommas, put those babes of smiles and sparkles to bed… tomorrow’s another day ūüôā


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book club party DIYs

i love books, i love spending time with wonderful women, i love thoughtful discussions, i love good food, and i am so loving our newly formed book club.

latest read was “Walking After Midnight” by Katy Hutchinson. while not an enjoyable read for all, it certainly sparked some thoughtful and reflective conversations.

just posted our recent book club DIYs on Catch My Party. pop on over and have a look !

i forgot to take photos of all the elements coming together ! – VERY unlike me – i am a kind of instagram fanatic ( and as people started coming in, i was like, oh no!!! and internally so sad but didnt want to look like a weirdo and start snapping picks. a weird internal battle ! ) i was too busy keeping my kiddo away from the cupcakes before bedtime !

this & other bits and pieces of the party pics can be found here


inspirations for the decor came from here and here and here and here.

get ready people, first post from Mel coming tonight !


do you ever want a do-over ?

i find myself thinking a lot lately about the time in my life when i worked with mommas and their kiddos living in shelters.

i think about these¬†moms¬†when i make an impulse buy for cute shoes for my kiddo – shoes she surely doesn’t need but i can’t resist.

i think about these children as i am crafting with my C.

i think about these families when i am eating on the couch.

i think about them when i am taking my kiddo to an event that costs a small (and unreasonable) fortune.

i think about them when i see my kiddos dad playing so lovingly with her.

and i feel so sad.  it is not fair that in this life, little people and their mommas must endure such pain and struggle. that some dads choose to hurt thier kiddos moms.

but when i think of them most is when i am having a hard day with my C. when she won’t go to bed, or when she is having a stage 10 tantrum, or when she is sick, or when i have a migraine, or when she is just crabby and so am i. i think of all the rules and guidelines we had in the shelter in the interest of child safety.¬† supervision was one thing that we always seemed to be talking about.

so and so isn’t supervising her 5 year old, so and so wrote all over the wall because his mom wasnt watching him.¬† is that so and so in the playroom without her mom.¬† all things we needed to address. i think now if i was one of the moms i was speaking to, i would have wanted to shake me. i get it now. i have pen on my walls, while i was online, my C snuck downstairs and emptied the entire bookshelf. i do not always have eyes on my kiddo. i get it now. i would want to shake me too.

please don’t get me wrong, guidelines are necessary. but with our rules,¬†i don’t think we factored in hard-momma-days or cranky-kiddo-days. or just regular i’m-raising-a-2-year-old-days or mom-is-also-a-person-and-needs-a-minute-to-breathe-days.

i love how i worked with families, both the children and mothers. but now that i have my own kiddo, there is a different in my gut understanding that i just didn’t have before about how hard it is for moms.¬† as a child and youth counsellor, working¬†over 10 years in shelters, ¬†i know the impact of trauma, i understand how abuse impacts mommas and¬†thier kiddos, ¬†and i have seen the challenges families have in shelters.¬†these are rightful¬†challenges. no home, loss of one parent, limited to no income,¬†little control. anyone would find it challenging. i certainly would.


so this is what i want to do over:

i want to offer to do the mommas chores every now and then.

i want to ask if i can hold her baby so she can take a shower, read a book, go online.

i want to reduce the scheduled programming and just be available for her.

i want to bring her a coffee when she is sitting outside with her children.

i want to clean the highchair for the mother who has just fed her baby herslef and 3 other kids. better yet, i want to clean up the whole table.

i want to advocate that a family of 5 gets 2 rooms rather than sharing 1.

please dont interpret these do overs to be based on pity or sympathy. if anything they are based on how strong i know mommas are, and how little they ask for help.

i just didn’t know what the kind of help was that would have really made a difference til now.


for me, i don’t get a do over because my time working in the shelters is over (for now at least while im home with my own kiddo).¬† i am lucky now though that i¬†have the opportunity to shape future child and youth workers through my teaching. and will share my do overs and hope that at least one momma in a shelter gets a coffee brought to here every once in a while, or has a bonus¬†unplanned 20 minutes of peace in an otherwise chaotic time.

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[ p.s the remaining 2/3 of purple eggplant will be popping up in posts on the blog soon ! ]

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DIY Art Display

My kiddo just moved into a big girl bed (more about this and how i’ve grown a third ear in a later post) and when we set her new room up there was a blank space on the wall that I could not think of how to fill.

  • wall decal check! check! and check !
  • frame montage check !
  • wall quote check !
  • hair bow holder check !
  • family and friend photos check !

I couldn’t think of what might add to the space but not¬†overload¬†duplicate¬†what was already there.


Then creative magic happened!

I was at a local arts and crafts store and they had a giant sale. So much on sale for .50 !¬† well i suppose everything is relative¬†isn’t it¬†! For¬†me, everything I mean there was lace crochet doilies, giant clothespins, wooden plaques…I felt an idea coming on and was excited about it.

An art display area for my kiddo was just what her room needed !

diy art display

Are you ever inspired by super steals you see when you are out and about ?


Stuck in blue screen pergatory



i think i’ve mentioned before i work from home ? well mondays I set myself up at a nearby coffee shop while my kiddo goes to nursery. it is the most productive 3 hours of my week. except today. today my laptop decides it will spend the last hour configuring updates then rejecting them and then trying again. it won’t let me in and i am losing it thinking if the time being wasted !

so if you hear about a crazy person whose thrown their laptop through a coffee shop window, it’s just me. no one else will be hurt.

argh !

hope your monday started better !


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