Turning the every”day” into holi”day”…A Christmas Frame Collage!


‘Tis the season to decorate and get into some festive DIY-ing! Here is an idea for transforming existing wall decor to go with the holiday theme.

This year I decided to print off a few favorite holiday photos from years past and find some holiday themed frames.  Combining the frames with Christmas decor that usually hangs throughout the home created a holiday themed frame collage in the entry!

christmas frame collage

Stay tuned…a festive crafting party is in the works and we will be sure to share the details. Our inspiration is coming from here, and we cannot wait!

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Naptime DIY: Wooden Chevron Painted Letters



The space above the playroom shelves has always baffled me. I have tried clipboards for artwork, wall talk, frames, plants, clock. And nothing has felt “right”.

I’d had my eye on these wooden letters at our local craft store, and when they went on clearance at the end of last week, I knew this was my chance. You should have seen me in the aisle trying to spell words with the letters that were left available!

be awesome

Finally thrilled with being able to spell “be awesome” {Inspired by Little Miss Momma’s Be Awesome Today sign by Barn Owl Primitives, I loaded the letters into my cart {and put the many other letters back in their homes awaiting the next nap time crafter}. In the end I had to settle with 2 letters from an all white set but I think it works for the first letter if each word.

Using green painters tape, white craft paint and a roller, I got to “chevron-ing” the wooden letters. They have these neat peel off sticky strips that I used to affix the letters to the wall. Naptime crafting with minutes to spare!



What I love about the placement of this statement is that its our first view as we leave our bedrooms to start out day.

Be awesome? Sure, I think I will.

What positive statements get you through your day?








mommas hurting head: parenting through migraines



i get migraines. bad ones. they stopped when i was pregnant and the break was so amazing i considered a second and third and fourth child ! maybe even becoming a surrogate ! but i think pregnancy might have been equally bad as the migraines for me!

the relief didn’t last. they came back when C was about 6 months old. ive had them as long as i can remember but they were worst in my late twenties. they are still terrible but not as frequent.

im telling you the backstory because today I picked up C from nursery and this was her art of the day. they were talking about doctors.

i was horrified and immediately filled with guilt. today was one of the days i found myself laying on the floor with my head covered in a blanket as my C watched her morning cartoons. i felt guilty for my pain and the momma/partner/friend/person i am when i have one.

I may be reading more into her art than I should be, but the counsellor in me can’t help but notice the bandaid and where it’s placed. maybe they were told to put it there. maybe the kid beside her placed his there so she did too.

i hope C doesn’t get these migraines – though they are hereditary for the women of my family. i hope mine don’t last forever. i hope C doesn’t have to see momma with a “heahache” too often. I hope they just go away.

There are days like today where im snappy and irritable that I just want a pain free existence.

do you ever have things that interfere with your ability to be the parent you want to be ?


choose your own ending…DIY blunder



sitting with my girlie this morning to do some crafting and part prep. anyone notice what’s wrong about my Pinterest inspired carrot napkin wraps ??

do i:

a) cry and throw everything out and cancel the party

b) get the kiddo dressed and rush out to the dollar store to fix this asap

c) keep trucking along and have a good laugh at myself

while all 3 crossed my mind, especially b !, guests will be enjoying backwards carrots at our lil bunnies party this weekend and i will be smiling inside at my beautiful imperfection.

do you ever blunder DIYs ? how do you handle it ?


getting ready for the Easter bunny



having fun around here making bunny day preparations.

a fast and easy DIY garland can be made using paint chips ! if you are super handy with scissors (i’m not) you could cut all sorts of Easter shapes – or better yet use a paper punch … i keep meaning to pick up some of those…

especially excited for my little bunnies party this weekend – stay tuned for other DIYs and party details !

i call it determined


anyone else experience the need to “do” right when inspiration strikes ?

came home with this chevron paper lantern to my girly’s ceiling assortment and couldn’t wait til her daddy got home with his big ladder and tools.

for blog

please tell me i am not the only one who thinks that in a pinch, pillows add the perfect amount of extra height and my girly’s hammer will do !

forgive the grainy photo – i don’t believe in proper tools today so grabbed the elmo camera close at hand !


Stuck in blue screen pergatory



i think i’ve mentioned before i work from home ? well mondays I set myself up at a nearby coffee shop while my kiddo goes to nursery. it is the most productive 3 hours of my week. except today. today my laptop decides it will spend the last hour configuring updates then rejecting them and then trying again. it won’t let me in and i am losing it thinking if the time being wasted !

so if you hear about a crazy person whose thrown their laptop through a coffee shop window, it’s just me. no one else will be hurt.

argh !

hope your monday started better !


[for more hilarious cartoons visit http://everydaypeoplecartoons.com/cartoon-search/computer/230/Computer_Software_Cartoon%5D

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