The Mom I Want to Be….

ten years ago while I was expecting my first child i had all these expectations (i guess that why they call it expecting).  expectations of my life, of myself, of my child.  and then i gave birth….and that is when the beginning of all my expectations of what life would be like began to evaporate and the reality of being a mother began to set in.  my birth did not go as expected but holding that little person in my arms i realized it did not matter – i would be the person she needed me to be so she could grow up feeling safe and loved and happy.  and so that has continued….motherhood challenges me in every way.  i have often thought to myself as the illusion i had of myself as a mother vanishes – my children need me to be the mom that they need.  and that is the mom i want to be.  so everyday i practice motherhood.  some days i get it right, some days i don’t, and i keep practicing….

if you stumble



5 thoughts on “The Mom I Want to Be….

  1. isn’t it funny what we thought mommyhood would be is completley different than what it is…makes me appreciate my own mother more and more everyday. Knowing now first hand the things she did for me, the way she changed for me, the way she loved me, and now knowing the joy I must have brought her. Nice post

    • I always wish my children could see themselves through my eyes – but if we could all view ourselves through the eyes of our children…imagine….you are right they do not care about having a supermom – they just care about us being their mom!

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