Crazyland + Motherhood a Perfect Imbalance

I’m almost 100% sure most mommas can relate

Kitchen House is a disaster like this


No supper made, you worked hard all day, emails, texts, phone calls, FB messages, school agenda to check, angels to kiss and hug – all demands for your time.

I have the best of intentions to get ‘it’ all done – all wrapped up in a pretty little bow and then to enjoy life…The beginning of 2013 had this momma striving to find balance at home. I tried not to care that the floors were sticky and the dirt in the mudroom was ‘okay’ and that I’d get to the piles of laundry…I was running and feeling like – why can’t I just get it all done?!

FFWD to April 2013 and I am trying to shed the land of crazy making and finding peace in the imbalance that is life. Maybe because when I reach out to my fellow Eggies they too have this


and this

and when I do reach out they feel the same way and I feel less like a failure. If I can find peace in the ‘imbalance’ then perhaps it will create more balance?

Pause – Take Stock – Evaluate – whats MY important

Life may not be balanced everyday, but its LIVING in the beauty of the imbalance.

Over at More than Sayings this free printable is my reminder.

I’m curious…what do you do that reminds you of the important things?



4 thoughts on “Crazyland + Motherhood a Perfect Imbalance

  1. I totally relate. By the end of dinner, and clean up we’ve moved yesterdays dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, into the dishwasher and today’s dishes are stacked and waiting for tomorrow. Spring is a total nightmare when rainy as the dogs constantly bring in muddy paw prints for my wood/tile floors (hey at least I don’t have much carpet for them to get all dirty, is the way I look at it.). I’ve had as many as 5 loads of laundry sitting for days waiting for me to find the time/energy to put them away. One way to keep an even keel going is to know that it is never a balancing game. Its a give and take game. When the kids need you most…the house, hubby and work have to give a bit. When you can’t stand the house anymore, then the other things will need to give a bit. When you and the hubby need to find some quiet us time…well then its time for Grammy’s house for the kiddos, etc. I love your choice of words “LIVING in the beauty of the imbalance.” I may just put that up on my office wall. It is something to strive for I think. A focus on living, seeing the beauty in the give and take and acknowledging the constant ebb and flow, the exchange of time from one sphere of importance to another.

  2. I struggle with this myself everyday! What is my important? Do I need to clean the bathroom and fold my laundry? yes. Would I rather snuggle with my baby or have a moment to breathe? yes. My mom told me when I was pregnant that I was going to have to learn to let some things go…and she was right. The toliets can wait baby play time can not πŸ™‚

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