i call it determined

anyone else experience the need to “do” right when inspiration strikes ?

came home with this chevron paper lantern to my girly’s ceiling assortment and couldn’t wait til her daddy got home with his big ladder and tools.

for blog

please tell me i am not the only one who thinks that in a pinch, pillows add the perfect amount of extra height and my girly’s hammer will do !

forgive the grainy photo – i don’t believe in proper tools today so grabbed the elmo camera close at hand !


2 thoughts on “i call it determined

  1. I for one have a husband whom I think is glad that I cannot wait for him sometimes and wade in and just do it. I’ve even begun to hoard my own tools (since for some reason his are never able to be found or have dead batteries). He’s actually come to me to borrow items. You go! One note – if two pillows don’t get it, try three, but that’s the limit! And don’t get caught by the kids, or they’ll be trying it next. 🙂

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