Tomorrow is another day

Here’s a get-to-know-me-jump-feet-first-in-rant!

You know the time when your HOT – like so hot because you have on your winter coat, and your trying to coax a 2 year old boy with new found independence out of the bookstore filled with beautifully attractive, fun, playthings among books? Like the HOT feeling – that your frustration level is rising and you cant stop it from bubblin over…but oh ya but wait…you are in PUBLIC… ya that feeling!


I love my kids, as any other parent of a 2 and 4 year old would. I don’t gush over the oh-how-wonderful-this-job-of-parenting-is. I even sometimes think – “F!%K, I am not cut out for this” Yes, me…the Child and Youth Worker extraordinaire- whose worked with developmentally delayed youth, street youth, mental health patients…blah, blah, blah- yes it is the hardest job in the world.

And today I coulda ripped the lady in the bookstores head off…

“why yes, I know my two year old has kicked off his boots and is in his socks running through the aisles – thanks for letting me know you wouldnt want your child on the oh so dirty floor. why yes I know he is running towards the glassware and fragile Easter bunny that caught his eye while were were headed to the back of the store to ‘play’ – thanks!”

What about can I help you?

Get me outta here!

I know why these things happen and even that they happen to most of us – I’d like to say IT SUCKS! The best thing one I/we can do is talk about it and get support! Where would I be with out my texts to my affectionately named wifey of OMGyouwillneverguesswhatjusthappend! A wifey…yup a wifey (will tell you in a later post about wifey!)

Chin up mommas, put those babes of smiles and sparkles to bed… tomorrow’s another day 🙂


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1 thought on “Tomorrow is another day

  1. I so totally get your feelings! I’m an early childhood education diva who spent many a moment in my teen son’s not so long ago toddler and preschool years believing I’d made a mistake in thinking I was cut out for this motherhood thing. I was supposed to know how to work with children so it should be a piece of cake. And yes, many well meaning comments from strangers and acquaintances alike had me silently fuming while calmly smiling and sucking it all up. But then one day as I was valiantly trying to stuff him in his car seat (isn’t it something how they stiffen like a steel rod when they want to?) as he screamed bloody murder after an aborted grocery shopping trip…yes the free balloon got loose and drifted to the mile high ceiling of the store…it happened. I looked up and caught the eye of the woman getting into the car on the other side of us. As I began praying that she wasn’t going to run for the police, sure in the fact that I was stealing a child, she smiled and mouthed, ” I know, I’ve been there.” And like a cloud suddenly moving to uncover the sun, it was ok. I still carry that moment with me today and bring it out when I feel like I’m doing a rotten job of it. You are not alone. 🙂

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