Stuck in blue screen pergatory


i think i’ve mentioned before i work from home ? well mondays I set myself up at a nearby coffee shop while my kiddo goes to nursery. it is the most productive 3 hours of my week. except today. today my laptop decides it will spend the last hour configuring updates then rejecting them and then trying again. it won’t let me in and i am losing it thinking if the time being wasted !

so if you hear about a crazy person whose thrown their laptop through a coffee shop window, it’s just me. no one else will be hurt.

argh !

hope your monday started better !


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2 thoughts on “Stuck in blue screen pergatory

  1. This was MY Monday too! I wish I had taken a picture! My Monday started off with my heavy duty hole puncher exploding all over me and my office. I figured if that was an indication of my day I had better mellow out to get through it – and the premonition was right….my day proceeded to be a series of unfortunate, albeit NOT end of the world, events. Welcome to this week! ~Andie

    • omg andie I can picture the hole puncher episode !! zoiks ! here’s to a better tuesday – aside from snow mines been good – starting off with strawberry and banana pancakes with my girlie mmmmmm ! Jay

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